And the Journey Begins…

After working in the French Alps for the past 3 months it’s time to hit the road! After a bit of a rollercoaster winter it has felt like a long time coming, but now we are packed and ready to go!

What is in store for us now? Two months winging it in the south of Europe! Travelling cheap, living wild and getting off the beaten track. We want to see more than just the classic spots and find the gems hidden beyond the road.

Our Planning

Keeping it simple. We have some specific places we want to explore, some hikes we want to do and some sights we want to see marked out on a map, but after talking to people along the way these broad plans are bound to change.

The Countries

These are some that we may discover on our way, but nothing is set in stone ⛏



South France









First up

North Spain

See you there…

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