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Hey! I’m Kristen.

I was born and bred in New Zealand, home of beautiful landscapes, amazing rugby teams and a great dessert by the name of pavlova.

I have a love of sports, drama and have always had a desire to see the world. I am less into the classic tourist spots and more into getting a bit ‘off the beaten track’, hiking and exploring the wild, more  untouched places.

Back in New Zealand I spend a decent chunk of my time as a medical student, but I am currently taking one year off from studies to explore what lies on the other side of the world.

I put together this blog to document our travels through Europe and hope to continue it with all the adventures that we have ahead of us!

Hey! I’m Elric.

I was born in a lovely french nest, amongst castles, forests and rivers in Dordogne.

I love outdoor sports (from hiking to surfing), and to see new things ALL THE TIME. Thus, travelling around has always been a big part of my life.

After 3 years of working in sport communication I realized I needed to experience the world, not just see it. I left for one year around the globe but got trapped in wonderful New Zealand with an even more wonderful kiwi! So now we are travelling the world together!

While on this blog I act as PA, I also started a blog named ElricNoFilter where I showcase my passion for unedited photography.

The Wheels

P1140810 copie.jpgSheepie

Born in 1992 she’s had an exciting beginning as a tour vehicle of sheep farms in Akaroa, New Zealand. After being refurbished by a French couple into a self-contained travel van she came into our life to tour with us around NZ.




Olaf has been in Elric’s life for a good 12 years, but has only recently found his Olafian identity. Being a German make a German name only seemed right. Being an Opel, Olaf seemed to fit nicely (that and the fact he became a snowman in the Alps like Olaf in the movie Frozen). Olaf will be our wheels around Europe for the coming year as we explore the roads a bit off the beaten track.