Birds With Wheels

En Route To Everywhere

En Route to Everywhere

Just a couple of kids winging it around the world

Birds With Wheels

Planning a road trip can be a time consuming process. With so many places to see in a limited amount of time it can be a challenge to choose where to go and which places you might have to save for another time.

This is something we found quite a challenge planning our first big road trip around Europe. With only a year we want to see as much of Europe as possible, but also want to get a broad grasp of what each place has to offer. We have had a fair bit of time to do some planning while working in the French Alps so we thought hey, why not share it.

It was a chance encounter that brought us together from opposite sides of the world. One New Zealander, and one Frenchie. One Kiwi, and one Rooster. Two birds with a love of travel and a desire to see the world. Anything can happen, and we believe anyone can travel, so here is a small glimpse of what you can do.

Here is our story. What we did, maybe some ideas on what you can do. So get out there and go travel!